Illustration Creation: The Happiness Hypothesis

The process behind the illustration for “The Happiness Hypothesis.”

Happiness Hypothesis Sketches

Sketches for the article “The Happiness Hypothesis.”

What does happiness look like? How about happiness coming from within? These are the types of problems art directors ask illustrators to solve, and the solutions they come up with are what makes working with them so fun.

For “The Happiness Hypothesis,” which appeared in the March 2013 issue, I drew upon the talents of Gwenda Kaczor, who I’ve worked with many times for her great conceptual mind, and the unique look and feel of her art. Her initial concepts (above) gave us a great starting point. We asked her to combine two of her ideas into one, resulting in her revised sketch (bottom left) and then her more refined final art (bottom right).

Thanks to Gwenda for gracing our pages with her beautiful artwork!

Revised sketch and final art for the article “The Happiness Hypothesis.”

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