Illustration Creation: Party Pressure

The process behind the illustration for “Party Pressure.”

In this series of posts, I will share the process behind creating an illustration for Experience Life.

Sketches, revisions, and final art for the article “Party Pressure.”

When I read the article “Party Pressure,” I could really relate. I think a lot of people enjoy hosting parties, but the stress involved can stop you from sending out the invitation. I wanted the art to be relatable, so I immediately thought of Paul Hostetler.

I’ve collaborated with Paul many times because he is able to incorporate lighthearted humor without being cartoony or over-the-top. As usual, Paul sent me lots of sketches to start the art conversation. The image above shows the initial sketch we chose on the left, followed by the revisions we asked for before landing on the final image at the bottom. Color, composition, and body language were all considered. Below are a few of Paul’s other initial ideas.

Thanks to Paul for creating an illustration that really captures the feeling many of us have experienced, and hopefully encouraging our readers to move beyond our fears and throw that holiday party!

Unused sketches for “Party Pressure”


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