If You Care Kitchen Products


If you’re going the extra mile to buy and prepare healthy, high-quality, sustainable food, it’s worth a little extra effort to make sure your food-wrapping and prepping goods live up to the same high standards.

If You Care makes a line of environmentally friendly kitchen products consistent with a healthy food mission. They replace chemical-coated parchment with unbleached, naturally treated paper. (Typical baking parchment is coated in a chrome-based substance that leaches trace amounts of heavy metals when heated — not really what you had in mind for your organic muffins.) Their parchment can be reused several times. Their recycled foil is produced with 95 percent less energy than new foil and can be re-recycled almost indefinitely. We also like this company’s unbleached coffee filters. Products range between $3 and $5 and are available at most natural grocery stores. Check out www.ifyoucare.com to learn more.

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