Hurom Slow Juicer

The new Hurom Slow Juicer has a nearly silent, slow-rotation blade that produces minimal heat and friction, leaving the nutrients and color of fresh fruits and veggies intact.

Faster isn’t always better. Slow-ro juicing also extracts more juice from solids, so there’s less produce required, and less pulp waste produced. Unlike conventional juicers, the Hurom can juice wheatgrass and nuts in addition to vegetables and fruits. And (is that the sound of heavenly trumpets?) this juicer is easy to clean. Want to make several flavors in sequence? Just pour water through the motor and proceed. No elaborate disassembly and washing of parts required. $359; learn more at

Wheatgrass Tip:
The detoxifying effects of wheatgrass can upset some sensitive stomachs. If you are prone to wooziness or new to wheatgrass, try combining your shots with the juice from half an inch of fresh ginger root. Besides adding a delicious zing, it settles the stomach and provides a bonus dose of ginger’s joint-protecting phytonutrients.

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