Hugo Naturals Shower Gel

Chronic itching is a common winter woe in cold or dry climates, especially if you’re taking extra showers at the gym each day.

One hidden culprit is the harsh detergents in most soaps, which strip what precious little oil remains on your skin after a day of forced-air heat. You’ll often find some relief by switching to a gentler, chemical-free cleanser for your showers. This vegetable-glycerin-based shower gel from Hugo Naturals cleans kindly and smells heavenly. The moisturizing aloe, jojoba and coconut oils keep skin supple, and natural essential-oil aromas delight your senses. It’s also refreshingly free of the common chemical irritants: parabens, petroleum, alcohol, and artificial fragrance and colors. Available in a range of essential-oil scents, from head-clearing spearmint to soothing red tea and ylang ylang. Find them at your local natural grocery for about $11. Check out the company’s full line of vegan-friendly, all-natural body-care products at

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