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How to Get Cozy

1. Root Down

Project Full’s elegant, ergonomic meditation cushions are made with recycled cotton and hemp fabric; the smaller support pillow is filled with buck­wheat grains. San Francisco-made. From $149.

2. Bathe Beautifully

The simple style of these soft, terry-backed bath towels from Brooklinen is traditional in Turkey, where the hammam ritual celebrates the restorative power of bathing. $65.

3. Step Lightly

Kyrgies felted wool slippers are made by hand in a sustainable, zero-waste artisan workshop in Kyrgyzstan. Supremely comfortable and temperature regulating. $69–$89.

4. Rest Easy

Bearaby’s weighted blankets are made from super-soft, cooling Tencel, so you get the coziness of a heavy blanket without overheating.  From $149.

5. Treat Your Feet

Farm to Feet makes sturdy, comfortable socks with a slight compression at the ankle to reduce fatigue. Designed and made sustainably in South Carolina. $22–$30.

This originally appeared as “Cozy Up” in the December 2020 print issue of Experience Life.

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Experience Life Staff

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