How Do I Choose the Right Style of Yoga for Me?

Seeking a vigorous workout, total relaxation, or increased flexibility? Finding your yoga type depends on your end goal.

A woman doing yoga

The numerous types of yoga can be baffling, so first ask yourself what you’re looking for, suggests Jan Johnson, LifePower Yoga studio manager and instructor in St. Paul, Minn. Do you want it to be physically challenging? Do you want to feel a spiritual connection? Do you want to focus on flexibility?

Once you’ve decided on your goals, check out the various classes offered at your health club, gym, or nearby studios.

To help narrow your search, the table below outlines the four common styles of yoga. Remember: “If you don’t like a class, try another,” Johnson says. “Eventually you’ll find the style and teacher that resonate with you.”

A chart describing four types of yoga and what to expect

For more on these styles, visit “Yoga 4 You“.

is a Minnesota-based health and fitness writer.

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