HimalaSalt Sea Salt

Common white table salt is a highly processed food. It’s been cooked within an inch of its life and chemically stripped of all its trace elements except sodium and chloride, with the remaining minerals sold off for industrial purposes. Untreated salt from a healthy source, on the other hand, contains a full complement of trace minerals that support adrenal health, electrolyte balance, and cell and brain function. These flavorful, mineral-rich Himalayan salts from HimalaSalt are sourced using sustainable practices and processed in a completely carbon-neutral plant, with 5 percent of the company’s profits donated to causes that support the environment. They’re available in a finer, shaker-quality grind or in coarse pink crystals in a refillable grinder. 

Find them at your local natural grocery for about $7. Learn more about the work of this ethical company, as well as the benefits of mineral salts, at www.himalasalt.com.

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