Hide or Seek?

Maryanne O’Brien on shifting from hiding to truth seeking.

Hiding from the truth is easy. We do it all the time when we don’t want to look at what’s really going on. We ignore the signals, avoid reflection and pretend all is fine in paradise.

However, the truth has a way of catching up with us. And when it does, it’s rarely pretty.

I don’t remember exactly when I shifted from hiding from the truth to seeking it, but I am grateful I did. Hiding creates nothing but fear, while seeking leads to all kinds of positive changes. Seeking is how you see things more clearly. And once you see the truth there’s no going back.

It’s amazing how fast the truth surfaces when you’re willing to look. Shine a little light on any area of your life and suddenly you can see the impact of your choices. You can quickly connect the dots and get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Clarity is a beautiful thing. Clarity brings everything into focus. It creates a path for advancing. And it allows you to concentrate your actions so you can more easily achieve the results you want.

However, clarity has a price. Clarity requires that you are honest with yourself. It asks you to open up to new perspectives, suspend judgment and be objective. It’s not always easy, but the insights you gain are well worth the price.

4 Questions for Finding the Truth

Experience how these simple questions can help you to gain more clarity, insights and ideas for advancing.

1. What are you ignoring or pretending not to know?

2. What impact is this having in your life?

3. What would you rather be experiencing?

4. What action can you take today to get started?

Get good at living®,

Maryanne O’Brien is the founder of Live Dynamite, a life skills program that inspires, empowers and supports people to bring the best of who they are to everything they do.

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