Herbs in an Eggshell

Nourishing and biodegradable, eggshells make the perfect seed-starter pots.

Herbs in an Eggshell

Eggshells make good seed starters, and when transplanted into soil, they break down naturally and nourish your herbs.

1. Slice off the top of eggshells with a sharp knife and pour the yolks and whites out, saving them for another use.

2. Rinse eggshells thoroughly, then air-dry in the carton.

3. Use a needle to puncture a small drainage hole in the base of each shell.

4. Mist the shells with water.

5. Scoop potting soil into shells with a small spoon.

6. Plant your seeds according to package instructions, and then gently mist with water.

7. Place carton on a sunny windowsill, and water according to package instructions while you wait for herbs to sprout.

8. Transplant them into a pot or your garden when your seedlings develop leaves. Gently crush the shells in the soil to speed the decomposition process.

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