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Herbs in an Eggshell

Herbs in an Eggshell

Nourishing and biodegradable, eggshells make the perfect seed-starter pots.

Eggshells make good seed starters, and when transplanted into soil, they break down naturally and nourish your herbs.

1. Slice off the top of eggshells with a sharp knife and pour the yolks and whites out, saving them for another use.

2. Rinse eggshells thoroughly, then air-dry in the carton.

3. Use a needle to puncture a small drainage hole in the base of each shell.

4. Mist the shells with water.

5. Scoop potting soil into shells with a small spoon.

6. Plant your seeds according to package instructions, and then gently mist with water.

7. Place carton on a sunny windowsill, and water according to package instructions while you wait for herbs to sprout.

8. Transplant them into a pot or your garden when your seedlings develop leaves. Gently crush the shells in the soil to speed the decomposition process.

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