Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood

Awareness about the unsustainable nature of most seafood harvesting is on the rise, causing many of us to think twice about our fish consumption. Fortunately, there are people in the seafood industry who are also thinking about the impact that overfishing and bycatch can have on marine resources, and they’re working hard to find better ways of doing business. Henry & Lisa’s is committed to sustainable fishing practices, line-catching its tuna (sparing the thousands of other fish that get caught in nets) and sourcing its wild salmon only from Alaskan waters that are regulated to protect them against overfishing. Best of all, this ethical behavior translates to really, really delicious fish – heavenly stuff that has little in common with its pale canned counterparts. 

Look for Henry & Lisa’s tuna and salmon at better grocery stores for about $6 a can. You can learn more about the company’s fishing practices and order directly from them at www.ecofish.com.

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