Greens+ Omega3 CHIA Energy Bars

OK, so there are about a zillion energy bars out there, and we admit to liking at least a few of them.

But this bar from Greens Plus is a cut above the vast majority of protein-and-carbohydrate blends available. It’s packed with Chia seeds, which have the sweetness and crunch of poppy seeds but deliver a more impressive nutritional wallop. Considered the best whole-food source of essential fatty acids, Chia also has a high fiber content that allows it to absorb 10 times its weight in water, making it an excellent way to stay energized and hydrated during long days and grueling endurance workouts (Aztec warriors reportedly used Chia seeds to sustain their energy during protracted battles). Combined with “superfood” spirulina, this bar is rich in energizing chlorophyll, sweetened only with a little honey, and completely free of corn syrup or anything synthetic. Available with or without chocolate. Order online from, or find them at your local health-food store for about $2.50 each.

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