Greek Gods Yogurt

You think you’ve been eating yogurt all your life, and you pretty much know what to expect. Then along comes a bowl of Greek yogurt – a staple at most meals in Greece, rather than a dieter’s breakfast punishment – and it confuses your senses completely.

Take The Greek Gods yogurt, for example. It looks like an innocent breakfast, appeals to the taste buds like an extravagant dessert and satisfies like something deeply healthy — because it is. Full of protein, calcium and healthy probiotics, and free of processed sugars or stabilizers, Greek yogurt can proudly stand a spoon straight up. While it’s not low in fat, its wealth of nutrients and superlative taste make this a very wise place to get your calories — and it feeds your soul. Available plain or with honey, figs or pomegranate for about $2 for a 4-ounce container. Find it at your natural grocery or check for a store in your area.

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