GojilAnia Juice Blends

Goji berries might be the hot new thing on nearly every shelf of the natural food aisle, but they’re old news in most Asian groceries. Long revered in Chinese culture as nutritional support for good vision, goji berries are rich in beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, which acts as a light absorber in the eye and protects the retina from damage. Thanks to the walloping dose of vitamin C they deliver, they’re also used to treat kidney dysfunction and colds. These 100 percent juice blends from GojilAnia make it easy to get goji’s antioxidant benefits and then some. Goji is combined with other powerhouse fruits like blueberries and mangosteen (a tropical fruit that tastes like a ripe pear) for a double dose of phytonutrients that’s seriously tasty.

Available at your local natural market for about $4 a bottle; check for the nearest suppliers at www.gojilania.com.

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