FusionBrands PoachPods

Poaching eggs is a delicate art, one that can quickly turn into a Jackson Pollock splatter painting for anyone without a culinary degree. These neat silicone “pods” from fusionbrands eliminate the mess and the guesswork.

You just crack your egg into the cup and float it on the surface of a pot of boiling water, which gently surrounds the egg with heat. When it’s cooked to the desired doneness, you turn the squishy cup inside out and pop the egg onto your plate. Voilà! Poaching made easy — a much better way to start the day. A set of two Poachpods is $10 at your favorite kitchenware store, or you can order it (along with a host of other clever silicone food gadgets) from www.fusionbrands.com.

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