Frank Lipman, MD, on Foods to Eliminate for Better Health

“King of Smoothies” Peter Sarsgaard and Dr. Frank Lipman discuss weight loss.

Peter Sarsgaard

In a recent episode of Dr. Frank Lipman’s “Be Well Weekend” video series, actor Peter Sarsgaard (deemed the “King of Smoothies“) discusses his healthier lifestyle after going on Lipman’s elimination diet.

“I went on his elimination diet and went from chunky to reasonable and happy,” says Sarsgaard.

Lipman discusses how many people react negatively to certain foods and aren’t even aware it’s happening. These food sensitivities can cause inflammation, creating numerous health issues.

“The key to weight loss may not be calories or fat or even carbs but finding out what foods you are sensitive or intolerant to,” he says.

Lipman also offers “Be Well Tips” and talks about his two-week elimination challenge. You can view the full video at


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