Fish Forever

A cookbook and guide by master fishmonger and former chef Paul Johnson.

Fish Forever

Despite all the health-positive press that seafood gets, there are multiple reasons it might not make frequent appearances on your dinner table. There’s the question of toxins, concerns about overharvesting and, finally, the plain old challenge of how to cook fish properly. This outstanding cookbook and guide by master fishmonger and former chef Paul Johnson helps you tackle all three problems at once.

Alphabetized by species, from anchovy to wreckfish, each scaly subject is accompanied by key information about its safety and sustainability, as well as two or three truly mouthwatering recipes. More of a guide to choosing wisely than a “green list,” Fish Forever covers the details of what makes a fish healthy for consumption: Short-lived fish don’t have time to accumulate many toxins, hook-and-line-caught fish don’t incur by-catch, fish with rapid rates of reproduction are harder to overfish, and so on — all of which helps you ask smarter questions at the fish counter.

The range of fish covered here also helps you expand your fish repertoire — another ocean-friendly strategy to offset overharvesting. This information-packed guide is an essential addition to any conscious cook’s collection.

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