This blend of milled raw fruits, grains and nuts is the brainchild of a Minnesota cardiologist who first experienced a similar concoction sprinkled on her yogurt during a trip to Italy.

Not only did the taste of the Italian ground raisins and grains appeal to her, she also noted that it was a rare combination of foods that were both heart healthy and absurdly easy to eat. At home, she got to work with the food processor and developed these delicious blends of milled raw flaxseed, oat bran, dried apricots, prunes and blueberries for her patients. We’re happy to see that Klödas Fibré Blends are now widely available for the rest of us. A couple teaspoons sprinkled on yogurt gives you a whopping dose of fiber, omega fats and probiotics, and adds a pleasingly chewy-crunchy texture. Also nice in smoothies or sprinkled on salads. A 15-ounce canister costs $16 (and contains 22 servings). We found ours at a Minnesota grocery store, but you can order at

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