#FashionTakesAction with @PeopleTree

Digital content specialist Casie Leigh Lukes on her participation with @PeopleTree’s #FashionTakesAction contest.

A portion of my #Fashiontakesaction board on Pinterest. For more pins on #ethical #sustainable fashion, visit my board. There’s even a few articles from @ExperienceLife!

Since joining the Experience Life team as an intern in July of 2012, and more recently as the digital content specialist, I’ve written a few posts on Unedited about my journey into ethical fashion.

This weekend I was browsing on some of my favorite clothing sites, drooling over sweaters, dresses, skirts and shirts. In my greedy way I was longing for a brand new wardrobe, all with ethically made brands. Who doesn’t like a cozy sweater for the winter or a classic black dress to kick off the holiday seasons? 🙂

While browsing I came across a contest People Tree is having called Fashion Takes Action. People Tree is a company that supports “sustainable and fair trade fashion” that is based in the UK.

About the Fashion Takes Action Contest

Starts: November 11

Ends: December 5

How: Create a “Fashion Takes Action” Pinboard on Pinterest for a chance to win a 500 pound wardrobe. Add at least one pin from the People Tree website. Tag everything with #fashiontakesaction. After your board is created, send People Tree a link on Facebook or email them your name, email address and link to your board at social@peopletree.co.uk.

Why I’m Participating

This is a fun, easy way to promote and support ethical, sustainable fashion. The more people that are aware of what’s happening in the industry, the better. It’s also a fun way to learn of other ethical brands. I’m hoping to grow in my awareness, as well as help others to see that we have options and power when it comes to choosing what we support through what we purchase. In the future, my goal is to only purchase ethical, sustainable clothing. And of course, I’d really love to win a People Tree wardrobe.

Listen to a portion of the People Tree Ethical Fashion Event here.

What are your thoughts on ethical, sustainable fashion versus fast fashion? Do you have a favorite brand?


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