EWG’s “Food Scores: Rate Your Plate” is now available!

Be one of the first to start using the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) new database and learn how your favorite foods score.

The logo for Environmental Working Group's Rate Your Plate challenge is shown.

Carrageenan. Azodicarbonamide. If we can’t pronounce them, why are we eating them? 
Thanks to the latest Environmental Working Group (EWG) online searchable database, we won’t have to. The new Food Scores: Rate Your Plate database and mobile app quickly give users information on nutrition, toxicity, and degree of processing for 5,000 ingredients, 80,000 products, and 1,500 brands. “The database was created in response to continued requests from EWG supporters who wanted help deciding which processed foods, like granola bars, were healthiest and safest,” says executive director Heather White.

Access the full database at EWG.org/foodscores to get started on smarter shopping now.

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