Everyday Shea Body Wash and Lotion

We’d love Everyday Shea products even if they weren’t wonderfully affordable: They’re a pleasure to use, they’re free of nasty chemicals, they perform well, and they’re made by a company that cares. The fact that they’re a terrific bargain just makes ’em better still! Shea butter is a staple ingredient in West Africa – used for everything from wound care to cooking oil – but it’s most often celebrated for its skin and hair moisturizing qualities. Everyday Shea trades with cooperatives in Togo to acquire its high-quality unrefined shea butter and incorporates it into their super-rich lotion and body wash, which also contain zero parabens, artificial fragrances or petroleum ingredients. The company adheres to Fair Trade policies and donates 10 percent of its profits to community development projects in West Africa. So you get a giant 32-ounce bottle of lotion or body wash for only $14, and you get to feel good about it. 

Available at your local natural grocery, or purchase directly from www.everydayshea.com.

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