EO Shave Foam and After Shave

Shaving a face is sensitive business. With all its follicles and sweat glands, facial skin is routinely touchier than the rest of the epidermis, even before it’s subjected to the routine assault of the razor. Finding products that provide adequate protection and don’t also contain long lists of ominous-sounding ingredients can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. This new line from EO meets all the requirements for a healthy shave: no aerosol in the foam or cream, no parabens or other dangerous preservatives, and only safe botanical ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe to soothe and tone a freshly shaved face. No weird chemical fragrances, either – these have subtle, herbaceous scents (like peppermint and lavender) that are very easy on the nose.

Get them at your local natural grocery or order from www.eoproducts.com. Shave foam is $9; aftershave is $10.

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