Enzymedica Digest Gold

Digestive enzymes can be a terrific remedy for belly distress, whether you’re troubled by the occasional bout of gas or an ongoing health condition that compromises your digestion. Unlike antacids or other conventional treatments for stomach upset, which use synthetic compounds to neutralize excess acids or gas, digestive enzymes complement the enzymes that are naturally produced by your body and stimulate a more effective digestive process overall. Not only do they help offset digestive stress, but these enzymes also improve your body’s ability to break down food – offering improved access to all the nutrients the food contains. We like this potent formulation from Enzymedica, which uses a combination of 13 enzymes to help assist with the breakdown of sometimes hard-to-process proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Look for Digest Gold, Gluten-Ease and other enzyme products at your local natural pharmacy or order from www.enzymedica.com. About $28 for 45 caps.

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