Emile Henry Tagine

Tagine is a slow-cooked stew native to North Africa and adored by the French.

It’s usually prepared with some succulent combination of meat and fruits and slow-cooked in a cone-shaped ceramic pot called by the same name. Its vented ceramic cone creates room for steam to circulate and tenderize ingredients as they simmer, helping their diverse flavors meld into heavenly harmonies. This tagine from French cookware company Emile Henry is made from the same extra-sturdy “flame top” ceramic as their famous Dutch ovens, which easily survive the transition from stovetop to oven without cracking. The ceramic will also keep dinner warm longer while you and your dining companions enjoy leisurely conversation over olives and eggplant dip. Look for Emile Henry products at your favorite kitchenware store, or order from www.emilehenryusa.com. $165 for the 3.7-quart size, which makes dinner for four. Smaller size for two is $125.

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