Eden Organic Gomasio Seasonings

In macrobiotic cooking, balance is the key to all things. One of its more deliciously balanced condiments is gomasio, a blend of sesame seeds and sea salt. Traditionally, the seeds and salt are pounded together in a mortar and pestle, so the oil from the seeds coats the salt. This produces an extremely salty-tasting condiment that doesn’t actually contain all that much salt – the minimum ratio of seeds to salt is 5 to 1. Delicious sprinkled on rice, cooked vegetables, fish or even popcorn, the dry-crunchy-salty qualities of gomasio add significant flavor dimensions to otherwise simple foods. Some of these blends from Eden contain bonus spices like nori flakes or garlic, for still more easy-to-add flavor.

Find them at your local natural grocery for about $3 per shaker bottle. Learn more about macrobiotic principles and products at www.edenfoods.com.

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