Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are an invaluable tool for smoothing down the rough skin and calluses that develop on hardworking feet, but they’re not always so easy to hold on to in the bath or shower. There’s nothing like a professional pedicure, of course, when it comes to giving you baby-smooth feet. But in between appointments – or whenever do-it-yourself is the best available option, this implement comes in mighty handy. Called a “pumice stick,” the natural stone is affixed to an easy-grip wood handle for smoother manipulation in slippery territory. If that wasn’t enough, this company makes a number of handy beauty tools from natural materials and sells them at a truly affordable price. 

The pumice stick costs $3.49 and might take a century to wear out. Look for Earth Therapeutics at your local natural grocery or shop their Web site at

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