Dream Coat

Cuddling with furry pals releases oxytocin into our systems, a stress-relieving hormone that’s good for everyone.

Snuggling up to a pet’s soft, silky coat is half the fun, but if your animal is getting lackluster nutrition, recovering from injury or is in her autumn years, her fur — and her health — may be suffering. The good news is that a healthy, shiny coat is not beyond reach. Many domestic animals (much like people) just need a little supplemental help to replace nutrients they would normally get in a wild diet. Dream Coat is a blend of six cold-pressed oils that supplies the essential fatty acids missing from most processed pet foods. It helps reduce excess shedding, dandruff and itching in cats and dogs alike, and ramps up general silkiness and shine. Great for buddies in recovery from illness and also for healthy animals who you’d like to stay healthy for as long as possible. About $21 for a 16-ounce bottle; you can order at www.halopets.com.

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