Dr. McDougall’s All Natural Soups

These yummy vegan soups from Dr. McDougall’s are the real thing. Full of flavor from organic vegetables and legumes, and notably lacking any of the usual suspects found in packaged soups – MSG, sugar, mind-boggling levels of sodium – these packages are the perfect size for a hearty one-person lunch when you need a grounding midday meal. In addition to maintaining a light carbon footprint by keeping their soups simple and vegetable-based, the company’s use of BPA-free paper packages allows them to ship nine times more soup per truckload than if they were using cans. That’s a lot of emissions not emitted. Finally, if the resource saving isn’t persuasive  enough, the paper spares you the disheartening tinny taste that reminds you that you didn’t make the soup yourself. Store a few of these in the office kitchen and at home to have a quick, nourishing meal at the ready. 

About $3 a carton at your local natural grocery. You can also order by the case at www.drmcdougall.com.

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