Dorset Cereals

Muesli is Europe’s gift to breakfast. Typically made from a hearty mix of raw oats, dried fruit and nuts, it provides plenty of hunger-abating fiber and protein that you can put together while you’re still half asleep. Swirl with some good whole-milk yogurt, and you are thoroughly sated through lunchtime. Dorset Cereals makes nine tasty muesli combinations, each one containing a minimum of 50 percent fruit and nuts – the cranberry, cherry and almond variety also contains two kinds of raisins and sunflower seeds – so no scrimping on the good parts here. They also make a line of hot porridges, perfect for those times you really want morning comfort food but prefer to skip the consequences of morning grease.

About $7.50 for a 22-ounce box; find them at your local natural grocery, Whole Foods or select Target stores. Learn more about Dorset’s cool “edible schoolyard” project at

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