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Diving into the Dairy Debate

For years, our homes have been pumped full of misleading information regarding our “need” for milk and dairy by the dairy industry and their lobbyists and the federal government and their food pyramid. “Milk, it does the body good” is what they’ve told us, but does it really?

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For years, our homes have been pumped full of misleading information regarding our “need” for milk and dairy by the dairy industry and their lobbyists and the federal government and their food pyramid.  “Milk, it does the body good” is what they’ve told us, but does it really?

The human race is the only species on this planet that drinks milk from a mother other than it’s own, and the only species that consumes milk after infancy, yet we’re the only species that has allergies and disease at epidemic rates. Unless you’re a baby cow, you should not be consuming any dairy product.


We have all heard the so-called benefits of dairy, such as fulfilling calcium needs for strong bones, benefits for post workout recovery, ant-acid like effects for indigestion, and so on. These are all complete mistruths.  Let’s discuss.

Doctors will tell you that you need the calcium from milk for strong bones and to prevent osteoporosis.  Ask yourself this question.  From where do cows get their calcium?  Not from milk.  Cows get their calcium from grass.  The fact is, we will as much calcium from 4 oz. of kale or collards as we will in 8 oz. of milk, and the body will fully absorb the calcium from those veggies.

The ironic thing about dairy is, even though it contains calcium, it will deplete more calcium from the body than it will replenish.  By now, we all probably know that dairy causes congestion.  The human body secretes mucous when it’s under attack, like when it detects an abundance of acid.  When we consume dairy, yes, cheese and yogurt too, the lactose (milk sugar) is fermented and turned into lactic acid.  The body produces mucus to bind to the lactic acid to remove it from the body.  If it weren’t for the mucus, the acid could burn a hole in cells, tissues and organs.  If we’re in a constant state of acidity, too much mucus is created, and combined with the acid; it becomes sticky and causes lung and nasal congestion and poor digestion. Poor digestion is linked to inability to absorb nutrients.

In addition to the build-up of mucus, the body attempts to neutralize the acidity by drawing alkalizing minerals and salts from it’s stores, like calcium from bones and magnesium from muscles, contributing to mineral deficiencies, and actually may lead to osteoporosis and other bone degenerative diseases.

As for dairy’s ant-acid effects, the above two paragraphs completely destroy that theory.

Because of milk’s high protein and sugar content, it’s deemed to be a great post workout recovery solution.  Again, in theory, it sounds great, but not in reality.  Milk is an immunosuppressant (suppresses the immune system). During intense training, and for hours following, the immune system is suppressed. The last thing we want to do post workout is to further suppress the immune system. Why then would consuming dairy be beneficial?  It’s not.  It will actually prevent recovery and tissue regeneration, and lead to post training illnesses.

In addition to everything mentioned above, commercial dairy cows are fed genetically modified corn and other grains, not organic grass.  Corn contains very little calcium, and the genetically modified varieties have absolutely no nutritional value what so ever.  Even if they do contain nutrients, the body cannot absorb them because all the vitamins and minerals have been chelated in order for the plant to withstand pesticide and herbicide spraying.  In addition to the toxic sprayed chemical pesticide residues the cows contain, which is passed onto the consumer through it’s flesh and milk, most cows are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, which further add to health issues.

What about organic milk, or skim milk?  Same answer, no good.  Federal law in this country requires pasteurization of all dairy products.  The intense heat generated through pasteurization completely destroys anything that might be considered beneficial in the dairy product, including enzymes.  And we wonder why people are lactose intolerant.  Because we don’t produce lactase, which is required to digest lactose, hence, digestive disorders and allergies.  They say pasteurization is in place for our protection.  The fact is, pasteurized milk is dead and lifeless nutrition, and if left out, will rot and turn rancid, whereas raw milk will curdle naturally, but will still be edible.

Non-fat milk undergoes additional processing, drying, which further alters its composition, making it even less desirable.

To add more fuel to the fire, dairy feeds yeast and candida, which release extremely toxic compounds into the bloodstream and cells, can lead to chronic and fatal symptoms if not kept in check.

Again, milk is designed for baby cows, whose nutritional requirements are completely different from those of humans.  Cow’s milk is full of components that are of little use to us.  In order for the human body to use any of those components, we must first convert them into usable sources, which creates stress in the process, or eliminated as toxins.

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