Desert Essence Organics Pumpkin Hand Repair Cream

If winter’s hard knocks have your hands feeling scaly and rough, this deluxe organic cream from Desert Essence Organics can do wonders to help them repair themselves. It has pumpkin-seed oil with high concentrations of zinc and vitamins A and C to soothe chapping, licorice leaf to even out skin tone and fade brown spots, and none of the chemical yuck commonly found in conventional lotions. Hand creams often contain phthalates (plastic derivatives) that artificially bond to skin but don’t actually do anything to help it heal. What’s worse, a recent study by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences links exposure to phthalates with reproductive organ damage and birth defects. We’d just as soon keep our hands free of such things.

$9 for a 4-ounce tube. Find it at your local natural pharmacy, or order this and other vegan-friendly products from

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