DeBoles’ Gluten-Free Pastas

If you’re gluten intolerant or just trying to cut down on inflammatory foods like refined wheat flour, you may have grown accustomed to taking a pass on the pasta. But this leaves you bereft of one of life’s great comfort foods. The good news is that tasty pasta can be made from many things, not just wheat. DeBoles has been experimenting with alternative grains in pasta since 1932, when it opened its first storefront pasta shop in New York City and sold pasta made with flour from Jerusalem artichokes. Those noodles went national and became a health-food staple for decades, and the company has now expanded its line of healthy pastas to include gluten-free noodles made from corn and rice flour. Even if you don’t have a problem with gluten, DeBoles’ brown-rice pastas offer great taste and supreme digestibility. Try the lasagna, too – no pre-cooking of the noodles necessary, and they taste just like the real thing! 

Reasonably priced at about $2.89 a package, or order by the case from

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