Cultural Revolution Yogurt

In Europe, yogurt is rarely homogenized, so it looks a little “looser” and wobblier than whipped or stabilized American yogurt. But what it loses in cosmetic value it more than compensates for in taste – a rich, natural creaminess that is impossible to find in more processed counterparts. These delicious European-style organic yogurts from Cultural Revolution are made in Kalona, Iowa, incidentally. This little company has thoroughly mastered the art of letting the yogurt be its best self. Natural butterfat (which is packed with vitamins A and D) keeps them creamy, and they contain significantly less sugar than most, in part because unprocessed milk is naturally sweet. 

Available at your local natural grocery in a variety of flavors. About $2 for the single-serving containers, $5 for the 24-ounce size. Learn more at

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