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Crop Mob: A Hands-On View of Food

Two Experience Life staffers head to the country to pitch in at a local farm.

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Blue skies and fresh air for what feels like forever, earthy scents you want to bottle up and take home, and minimal signs of modern living — these are just a few of the great things a Crop Mob has to offer!

What is a Crop Mob?

From CropMob.org, it’s a group of volunteers “who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. Crop mob is also a group of experienced farmers and gardeners willing to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians.”

Inspired by the amazing farm-oriented work of our June cover subject, Robin Emmons, founder of Sow Much Good, two of our staff members headed outside our city-based office on a steamy Saturday morning in July to lend a hand and get our weekend’s worth of vitamin D. Our destination? A Minnesota-based Crop Mob in Delano, located about 40 minutes west of Minneapolis.

This particular Crop Mob in Delano has been a partnership between the Birchwood Cafe and farmers Greg and Mary Reynolds, who were named 2015’s MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year. The Birchwood, which sources local, sustainable, organic, and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible, found a natural match with the Reynolds’s Riverbend Farm when they paired up seven years ago.

We were told to bring sunscreen and a hat, extra gear in case of rain, a water bottle, and shoes that could get DIRTY. These were greatly appreciated tips, as a Crop Mob requires a lot of physical labor in uncontrollable conditions. Farmer Greg supplied the gloves and tools, basic but thorough instructions, and a farm tour.

When you attend a Crop Mob, be sure to get directions specific to your day in advance so you can be prepared and enjoy every aspect of the experience.

Below, we share with you some highlights from our day!

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