COMING CLEAN: Conquering the Cold, and Commitment Day 2014

The event may be done, but finishing the Commitment Day 5K has me pumped for 2014.

If you braved the cold weather today in Minneapolis for the second annual Commitment Day, kudos! It was 11 degrees below zero when I woke up, and the low temps gave me pause: Could I handle today’s temperatures?

Last year’s Commitment Day was chilly, too, by Minnesota standards, but I knew that once I got moving, I’d feel better. And the announcer at the Commitment Day starting line reminded us that we are hearty Minnesotans, after all, and we can handle extreme temperatures. Well, hearty Minnesotans with high-tech base layers and wind-resistant fabrics, that is.

And you know what? It felt great to get outside and move.

We had a great crowd of happy and enthusiastic people, and their positive energy gave me the mood boost I needed: refocused, excited for another awesome year, and extremely proud of all that I accomplished in 2013.

woman at commitment day 2014


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