Columbia River Organics Frozen Fruit

Few things beat the pleasures of fresh, in-season fruits and berries. Likewise, few things are more crushing than fruit that’s been shipped thousands of miles only to end up tasting like a sliced-up superball in your bowl. Fortunately, Columbia River Organics has partnered with sustainable farmers to freeze their fabulous crops at the peak of ripeness, so organic fruit that was grown to be eaten (rather than shipped) can be a year-round delight. If your local grocery store is short on fresh organics, these are a great alternative – especially if you love soft fruits like peaches and strawberries, which typically carry a high pesticide load when produced by conventional growers. Keep a couple of bags in the freezer for smoothies or thaw them for salads and desserts.

About $4 for a 10-ounce bag at Whole Foods.

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