Climate Change Chocolate

While no one can claim to be saving the world by eating chocolate (wouldn’t it be nice), there are a number of companies smart enough to realize that attaching chocolate to a good cause is a very effective way to find willing contributors.

These bars are the joint venture of Bloomsberry & Co., a chocolate producer in Salem, Mass., and TerraPass, a foundation that works for greenhouse-gas reduction. When you buy a bar, you not only treat yourself to a nice dessert, but TerraPass will match your purchase with one of their own — they buy 133 pounds of carbon emissions credits for every bar sold. That’s a pretty sweet trade, no matter how you slice it. The wrappers also contain 15 easy tips for reducing your carbon footprint in other enjoyable ways — a nice reminder that doing the right thing doesn’t have to hurt. About $5.50 a bar at Whole Foods. Learn more at or

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