Clif Kid Organic Z Bar

When the kids start playing the low-blood-sugar blues in the back seat, these wholesome, crowd-pleasing organic snack bars from Clif provide a solid addition to your bag of tricks.

Made with whole oats, dried fruit and nut butters, their nutritious nature comes modestly disguised — with no arm-twisting necessary. They’re sized to fit smaller fists, have less sugar than a medium-size apple, and contain plenty of protein and fiber to fuel active young bodies. Individual flavors are kid-friendly (from honey graham to peanut butter) and are jazzed up with vitamins and minerals to keep youngsters humming through all kinds of activities. Great for lunch-box desserts, after-school snacks and treats on long car trips, these bars make it easy to satisfy a sweet tooth without compromising your healthy values. About $1 a bar at your natural market, or order two boxes of six for $10 at

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