CleanWell Hand Soap

Thanks to Louis Pasteur, we know that regular hand washing spares us many ills. These days, however, the collective enthusiasm for busting germs with chemical antibacterial agents has produced its own list of ills. Among the most commonly used antibacterials is triclosan, which a 2008 study found produced significant thyroid problems in rats. Meanwhile, the founders of CleanWell (whose research was motivated by their own child’s immune disorder) have created a botanical antibacterial formula based in thyme oil, which kills germs without wiping out everything else in its path. An array of heavenly essential-oil scents makes for pleasant washing, while the addition of moisturizing white tea and aloe allows you to suds up often, without turning your hands into sandpaper.

About $7 a bottle at select Target and Whole Foods stores, or order from

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