Clean Food

If you’re looking for a cookbook to help you actually enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables, Clean Food is the one.

Packed with mouthwatering recipes that get their assertive flavors from fresh, local produce, the book groups recipes by season, making it easy to track down their star components. Fresh spring and summer recipes feature creamy asparagus soup, golden beet and snap pea salad, and strawberry rhubarb compote, while warming fall and winter dishes include savory stuffed pumpkins and sweet potato parsnip pancakes. These may sound elaborate, but no recipe takes more than a page to explain, and none requires more than the most basic set of kitchen tools and skills to prepare.

Author Terry Walters also provides a set of helpful sections to acquaint you with some of the less familiar ingredients as well as some straightforward kitchen tips for whole foods — soaking grains, roasting nuts and the like. Her “clean food” philosophy stresses the importance of cooking your own local, fresh foods in sync with the seasons while steering clear of the bugaboos of the standard Western diet, like sugar, wheat, dairy and animal foods. But vegans and carnivores alike will enjoy these recipes, which make a delicious celebration of plant-based foods as simple as can be.

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