Chocolove Belgian Chocolate

With labels designed to resemble a love letter (they even have poems printed on the inside), these premium bars of Belgian chocolate proudly live up to their romantic reputation.

With a range of cocoa contents dictating the strength and intensity of each bar, they also deploy an array of fascinating ingredient combinations — from the traditional toffee and almonds to exotic chilies and cherries. Enjoyed in moderation (many healthy types enjoy a square or two daily), dark chocolate is one treat you can feel unabashedly good about eating. It’s worth remembering that the “stronger” the chocolate (i.e., the higher cocoa content), the more heart-healthy antioxidants are embedded in this gift to your beloved or yourself. Chocolove serves up intensity in spades thanks to a new source of organic cocoa beans from the Caribbean. Around $3 a bar, you can find them just about everywhere these days, from your local natural grocery to big-box discount stores; look for holiday gift packages at

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