Chef Earl’s Hummus

This delicious line of dips transforms sandwiches, salads and more.

This unusually yummy line of hummus (try the Hot Giardiniara flavor!) positively transforms sandwiches, dips, salads and more. It’s made by Chef Earl’s, a forward-thinking little Chicago company that uses a cool high-pressure pasteurization process to help its foods last longer, and packages them in compostable, cornstarch-based plastic containers — so you can enjoy your hummus without watching the tubs pile up in the garbage. In addition to making hummus, Chef Earl’s offers several delicious varieties of fresh salsa and guacamole — all will stay delicious in your fridge just long enough for you to truly savor them. Look for these in the refrigerator case at Whole Foods Markets for between $3 and $5. Learn more about the company at

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