Change Your Life in 30 Days

By Rhonda Britten (Perigee Books, 2005)

Change Your Life in 30 Days

Acclaimed life coach Rhonda Britten is host of the NBC series Starting Over, and while her star status might incline some to skepticism, her program for personal change is surprisingly down to earth. “Finding yourself in 30 days” involves committing to the book’s daily exercises. Each of these is centered around one core issue related to personal change — like discipline, risk-taking, rejection and speaking honestly. The readings include inspirational stories from Britten’s coaching practice, but these are interspersed with questions that help you to focus on how you function in particular situations, like receiving praise or being rejected. There’s space in the book to answer the questions, and while this can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, it does bring your own core issues to the fore and makes the material’s relevance more immediately evident. It also keeps you honest about yourself, which is the central idea underlying Britten’s path to self-discovery: It’s all about facing fears in order to reveal the best elements of your true self. This is a refreshingly cut-to-the-chase approach to reaching personal goals (resolutions, anyone?), and the daily exercises are especially handy for those whose focus and motivation tend to stray.

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