CardioTabs Ocean Safe Omega-3 Supplement

A highly potent source of essential fats that is much easier on our oceans.

You know that supplementing your diet with omega-3 fats from fish oil is good for you, but you may not be aware of the unfortunate downside to this health-smart trend, namely the overharvesting of menhaden. Menhaden, close cousins of herring, are a common source of omega-3 oils, but they are quickly being fished out of existence. One solution adopted by some sustainability-minded manufacturers is to reap the oil from the tons of scraps left from fish processed for food. CardioTabs gets its ocean-safe fish oil from the byproducts of calamari production, which are an exceptionally clean mollusk (their small size and short natural life span prevent them from accumulating mercury or other marine toxins that tend to reside in larger or older seafood). The company still uses extensive purification processes, and it supplements the oil with vitamin D, producing a highly potent source of these essential fats that is much easier on our oceans. About $35 for 60 softgel capsules; order from

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