Campfire Cuisine

Yes, you can camp out and still create healthy, whole-food meals.

Campfire Bibimbap

Whether assembling gooey s’mores or roasting hot dogs on a stick, many of us have fond memories of cooking in the great outdoors. And while there’s a time and place for that typical fireside fare, we believe that nourishing whole foods can be a fulfilling addition to the time we spend outside. All it takes is a little planning and preparation.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Dirty Gourmet trio, chefs Aimee Trudeau, Mai-Yan Kwan, and Emily Nielson, who have mastered the art of bringing fresh ingredients and global flavors to their own camping expeditions. The following recipes are excerpted from their cookbook, Dirty Gourmet: Food for Your Outdoor Adventures.

These recipes are ideal for car camping or dining alfresco in your backyard, assuming you have access to a campfire grate and a cooler for perishables (see the “Car-Camper’s Kitchen Kit” below). Each one includes a few make-ahead elements, so you can focus on tending the flames once your fire is lit.

The meals are designed to be cooked over open flames, ideally surrounded by plenty of hungry friends and family. (For tips on building your own campfire, see “How to Build a Campfire.”)

is an Experience Life senior editor.

Photo by: Dirty Gourmet

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