Boscia Skin-Care Line

Most preservatives designed to keep body-care products fresh were never designed with your skin (or your health) in mind.

Common commercial preservatives such as parabens can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne, rosacea or eczema. Some studies suggest that they may even disrupt hormones and cause cancer. Simpler botanical products are a good bet for all these reasons, but even some natural preservatives can cause irritation in especially sensitive skin. If you’re in that camp, or just looking for extra-gentle goods, the boscia line of plant-based, chemical-free facial care is a great find. The company has designed airless dispensers to protect herbs from oxidation and keep products fresh longer without adding preservatives of any kind. We like this nighttime botanical moisturizer for softening fine lines and bringing life back to tired skin. Find it for $33 at

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