COMING CLEAN: Boot Camp Fitness Testing

In January, trainer Shane announced that we’d have fitness testing one Thursday instead of Boot Camp. Climbing rope, stretch-and-reach, and running the mile?! Please no! I immediately flashed back to middle-school Presidential Fitness Testing and the residual trauma.

Rather, we did a cone drill, standing broad jump and vertical jump, among other tests. And when we tested again recently, I improved all around!

My scores on January 19:

T-Cone Drill: 9.2 seconds
Ladder Drill: 8.8 seconds
Broad Jump: 41 inches
Plyo-Pushups (clap your hands on the -up of pushup): 11 (I did these on my knees)
Vertical Jump: 9 inches (I’m 5’5″)
Plate Push (70 pounds): 19.6 seconds

My scores on February 23:

T-Cone Drill: 8.4 seconds (0.8-second improvement)
Ladder Drill: 8.3 seconds (0.5-second improvement)
Broad Jump: 43 inches (2 inches further)
Plyo-Pushups: 21 (still on my knees, but nearly double my old score!)
Vertical Jump: 10 inches (1-inch improvement)
Plate Push (70 pounds): 17.2 seconds (2.4-second improvement)

We re-test every four to six weeks, so I’m hoping to see even better scores next time.

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