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The first and last moments of your day can steady or destabilize everything that comes in between. Are your mornings and nights propping you up, or tipping you over?

Update 2005: This is one of those articles that most busy people can relate to. So it’s not surprising that it inspired a number of “aha”s from our readers when it was originally published in May/June 2003.

It seems many of us are running on empty but unable to take our foot off the gas pedal. Not only does this way of living rob us of a great deal of potential pleasure, it can also rob us of our health — by depleting our energy stores, disrupting our brain waves and altering our body chemistry for the worse. And that’s a huge part of the reason that Experience Life has so consistently devoted about a third of its pages to matters such as life balance, stress management and personal wisdom: It’s all part of our “connect the dots” approach to health and fitness.

Click here for the full version of this story. For more articles on reducing stress and maximizing satisfaction, check out the Renewal, Life Balance and Insight departments in Experience Life, also featured in our online archives.

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