Bolthouse Farms Salad Dressings

Keeping a few choice bottled salad dressings on hand can be all the inspiration you need to make a fast meal of freshveggies, a nourishing choice when you’re tired or rushed. Still, bottled dressings can backfire – many are full of refined fats, sugar and chemical preservatives that make a poor match for wholesome produce – so you’re wise to be selective. We like these dressings from Bolthouse Farms that use apple juice and cider vinegar to supplement smaller amounts of healthy olive and soy oil, and that mix in fresh cheeses and spices for full flavor without any added preservatives or other junk. Toss the blue cheese dressing with fresh greens, chopped apple and some walnuts, or mix up the olive oil vinaigrette with some greens, cucumbers and canned garbanzo beans, and voilà – you’ve got a meal. 

Find these in the refrigerated section at your market for about $4 a bottle. See for background about the farm.

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