Blue Diamond Nut-Thins

Most crackers get their character from hydrogenated oils, refined wheat flour, sugar and artificial flavors.

You get empty calories galore, not to mention a blood-sugar roller coaster and bonus inflammatory effects. These tasty nut-based crackers from Blue Diamond are a great alternative. Made from rice flour and almonds instead of white flour and hydrogenated oil, they’re high in protein and are gluten- and sugar-free. They’re also a dignified light and crunchy vehicle for everything from down-home tuna salad to high-end cheese. The wheat-allergic can crumble them up for a tasty crouton substitute. If you’re trying to sneak a healthier snack into the Super Bowl party, the Country Ranch flavor should do the trick. In this case, what they don’t know really won’t hurt them. Available at your local natural grocery for around $3 a box, or you can order from

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